Our mission: To serve as a resource that can work with individuals and families in vulnerable populations across different communities.

Strengthening A Nation was established September 2010 through the vision of  founder Muhjah McCaskill and team members. S.A.N. is made of a group of professionals from different agencies, backgrounds, and ethnicities, who care so much about our community that we dedicate our time and resources to provide positive activities that foster creativity through outlets that may normally be available for them. 

 S.A.N. has developed  activities to help create a stable, productive environment for all ages. We provide Creative Arts and Writing (children 8-15), community service learning hours (high school, college level internships), entrepreneurship activities, networking, leadership building, mentoring, financial literacy, volunteerism and tutoring. 

Board Members
  • Muhjah McCaskill  

  • Herrin Malone

  • Scott Upshaw 

  • Monique Johnson

  • Beatrice Relerford                       

  • Irene Jones  

  • Jo Ann Walker         

  • Monique Whitfield